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With it being winter in New Zealand, you get a job to fly to the other side of the planet in the middle of the northern summer and expect a bit of the warm weather. I guess I didn't do my research and find out the annual average temperature is only 5 degrees for St Petersburg Russia, which is where we find ourselves on another job at the Extreme Sailing series filming more sailing. The upside of being this far north in the world is that it barely gets dark in the height of summer. This video was filmed in the three cold hours that the sun deciders to dip below the horizon.

Last week was a big one for the VC. The sun and stars all lined up and of course all the weeks assignments fell on the same day . No drama, we inlisted a team of proven shooters/ editors to help us out. Hamish was off on a Sub Antarctic Expedition with the Sir Peter Blake Trust half way to Antarctica on a Navy ship, Brendon was on a APEC government job for a good Part of the week and it was one year to go before the Cricket World Cup 2015 starts . We had Simon travel from Christchurch to Auckland and then back down the country to Wellington and then on to Christchruch in one day, and Mike the next day covering the travelling Cricket ball , along with Gareth who helped out on other jobs in Auckland and myself editing two clips in between shooting APEC needs . Hardwork to say the least, but it was all good.

We have had a bit of everything over the last few months at theVC, but one job in particular stuck out as one that would anyone stop complaining about their work. We had a day out with the Rena Salvage & Fire dive crew on the Astrolabe (Otaiti) reef in the Bay of Plenty as they are preparing to cut and lift the massive seven story accommodation block off the sunken stern section of the wreck, which lies at its deepest point down to 65 metres. These guys are nothing short of heroes, putting their lives on the line each day to cut down and clean up the wreck on the edge of a submerged mountain the best they possibly can. Try having a tough day at the office in about 50 metres underwater, then having to finish it off under decompression for 45 minutes. All in a days work though.

It seems like 2013 passed us by with great speed , or it may be that we have been slack in getting our blog updated ... lets just say the year ended quickly ..... One of our Jobs last year was a little promo clip for a upcoming Queenstown Marathon , simply the most stunning location in new Zealand to hold a event , we shot a simultaneous video and stills package over two days in-between showers. like below for more info check out